Sunday, January 6, 2008

The maul

Lena's taken over much of the wood chopping chores, in part, because Shawn is rough on the axes! He's murdered a few of them - split the handle right in half. The type of axe we prefer is a maul. It is heavy headed and made to split wood.

After the last maul broke, Shawn was sending Lena into town to get a replacement. We wanted to make sure we sent enough money, so he went online to that place we all hate, but shop there anyway because it's what we can afford.
He typed "maul" into the search bar.

The first two listings were for some kind of music cd. The next listing was for a Darth Maul light saber.
"That's it!"
It's exactly what we need.
Could you imagine a light saber slicing through trees, dicing them into stove lengths and then - splitting each length into easily burning quarters. It was perfect. And at $24.95 it was easily affordable. Who knew light saber's were so cheap?

What I wanted to see was the customer service rep's face when we took it back and told her it didn't work!

However, that would have meant two trips into town, so we settled for a $19.95 fiber glass handled axe. Sigh....

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